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Sonny Warmath,
Pastor/ Executive Director and Certified Peer Recovery Specialist

Freedom House Ministry, Inc
Non Profit 501 C3

Residential Recovery Program

Recovery program
Freedom House Ministry Restoration is an in-home residential recovery program that offers residents individual christian mentorship, goal planning, job placement and budget planning (at the residents request). We work with the court systems and Drug Court in multiple counties to try and help the residents assistance in sucessful completion. Freedom House is dedicated to helping the residents with employment and gaining independance. We have a transportation ride to work program to and from employment in our areas for the residents in the recovery program.  

We offer this program for a wide range of addictions and life-altering problems. Our compassionate ministers will leave no stone unturned to help you find recovery with our biblical principle. 

No matter how hopeless your situation may seem, it is possible to start changing your life for the better. We will help support men and women become addiction free. We believe in full and total restoration.

Recovery House Men's Director
Daniel Kirby 

Recovery House Women's Director 
Donna Kirby 

*For Admissions to both Men/Women
Donna Kirby 

Our Recovery Programs

Our Mission Statement

Old lady
FREEDOM H.O.U.S.E. MINISTRY is a Life Recovery home and program for men and women seeking to Restore their lives in a structured setting. A place where Hope is Renewed, Faith is grown, and Love is spread. A place where Church, Home, Bible Study, Work, Fellowship, Recovery in Christ meetings, and AA/NA meetings come together to form the Foundation of a Life centered around the Cornerstone, JESUS CHRIST!

For Admission information please contact:
Intake Director- Donna Kirby
P.o. Box 486, Lebanon. TN 37088
Executive Director - Sonny Warmath

About the Redeemed Church

Discipleship School

Freedom House Ministry's Discipleship School is a 6-9 months program. Helping the lost find rest in a complete focus on developing a relationship with God  through classes, praise and worship, biblical studies and gain a better understanding of  the word of God. There is individual and group christian mentorship. Certificates throughout the program are given for class completion. 
 The students fundraise on the weekends to cover the cost of their stay.

* Freedom House Ministry does accept grants and donations are greatly appreciated.

Discipleship Director
Jesse Cline

Our Nightly Schedules

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